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Kayle Hope

All photographs copyright Kayle Hope unless otherwise noted.

Pretty light coming through the clouds yesterday evening, on my last night in Paro. 14,000 feet high on #chelelapass. Goodbye Bhutan, it’s been a great few weeks. With each trip I meet more wonderful people, get to work with more students and gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful culture. I am so grateful to have had a chance to come back. Until next time, #bhutan. #ig_bhutan #mountainsandvalleys #himalayas

Loving the lush and beautifully green landscapes here. The past two times I’ve been it was the dead of winter and we were all huddling around space heaters and drinking gobs of hot tea. Okay, we’re still drinking lots of tea but it’s not because it’s bitter cold. Rice fields in Paro Valley, Bhutan. #latergram #bhutan #ricefields #landscape #beauty #nature